Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tool 7:

Google Doc and Skype are tools that could be used in Health fitness. Google Doc format with other teachers maybe more useful to me.

Content Objective: Muscle Groups of the human Boday

Implementation: Next year!!

Tools: Google Docs, Blogger,

In this project, students will be exploring the human body muscle groups and learning locations of the muscles on the body. The project will focus on the process skills involved in locomotor movements.

As students learn the groups, they will add their data to a Google Docs spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will be shared with other classes for them to add their data as well. When the data has been collected, students will analyze it and design follow up questions.

Tool 8:

While looking around at some of the different videos and tutorials I learned a couple handy tricks.

  • take an itouch screenshot by holding down home and sleep
  • add a Google calendar 
  • replace a word
  • tap and hold on the ! key and a hidden apostrophe option will appear
  • when in Google Maps, tap the red and white icon of a person to enter Street View
  • use the Google tool bar to search for a word in an open article
I agree that management is going to be so important with these devices. Before we use the devices at all, my classes will need to agree to a set of rules regarding how the devices should be handled and what is or is not allowed.This makes it much easier for me to get the most relevant usage from our I-touches

Tool 9: 
With so many tools and resources out there, it's easy to get carried away and try to do too much.With the limited amount of time we have with our students, it is important to make sure every activity is aligned with TEKS, and not just something we think will be fun. Technology is a great way to engage students, but if it is not tied to the objective it runs the risk of taking up time without being beneficial.

Holding students accountable for what they do with technology is an important part of teaching them that technology is a tool, not just a fancy toy. Accountability helps to keep them on task as well as giving the teacher a way to check for understanding of key concepts.

I really like the Thinkfinity site. It has a lot of interactive activities on a wide variety of topics. One of the tools I would like to use the is iCell App, which can be done either through the web or on the iPad. As students explore the different types of cells, they can either fill in the function of the major organelles or create a venn diagram comparing the cell types. I also really like the SBISD Interactive Database. It included a link to some great human body games.

One App that I found is the Cardiograph app. One of the labs that we have done involves taking your pulse before and after exercise. The app will also let you create different profiles and keep a history of your pulse with notes. I also am looking forward to using the NASA app when we talk about space exploration. After researching, students can then blog about what they learned.

I can also see using the iPads to have students research on a given topic or create a video about what they have learned. Another possibility is to have students take pictures as they perform a lab and then use the pictures to explain what they learned to the class. I have also seen flashcard apps that can be used to review vocabulary.

Tool 10
*Students and parents will sign a technology usage form stating the correct usage of the internet and students' responsibilities and rights. Technology will be used for learning purposes only. Class time is for classroom learning.
2. Digital Citizenship - touching on netiquette email, online harassment and learning about plagiarism
3. - Review contract signed by parents and students regarding technology usage-Discuss Digital Citizenship topics relating to netiquette, email, online harrassement, and avoiding plagiarism-Make and display items detailing main points
4. I will send a letter home explaining the meaning of Digital Citizenship with a copy of the letter they signed at the beginning of the year regarding technology, usage rights and responsibilities.

Tool 11

1. I like so many of the tools that I am learning more and more about. I really like the google docs approach so that there is always a "LIVE" document that the students can work on!
They will use this for keeping a file of Healthy Eating and being Active ideas as an ongoing Activity.

2. More technology application in my classroom from now on! My classroom will now have and use Itouches to incorporate Technology in their learning.

3. I have learned more than anticipated and I did get pretty into the things that I navigated through!!